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Rahul Sharma, is an Architect and Multimedia Artist from India, currently based in Berlin, 




Art Direction

Concept Development

Spatial Design

Conceptual Storyboards

Projection Mapping

3D Art

Generative Art

Interactive Installations

Live Visual Performances

Web Design

Rahul Sharma, an architect and multimedia designer based in Berlin, specializes in media architecture, spatial design, and generative art. With a diverse portfolio, he has contributed to a variety of projects for both private and government organizations. His expertise spans multimedia design, exhibition design, retail design, interactive installations, and immersive spaces, making him a versatile creator for phygital experiences.

Rahul's artworks have been showcased at esteemed venues such as Flughafen Tempelhof Berlin, Silent Green Berlin, and Lightbox New York. Additionally, he freelances as an Art Director or Visual Artist, collaborating with labels and sound artists to craft visual identities for releases, including album art and event visuals, which he often performs live.

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