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"Un-Tangible" is an immersive art installation that employs data painting to elucidate the latent intricacies of weather phenomena. Through the amalgamation of real-time weather data and generative algorithms, it translates the dynamic nature of weather into a visually abstract landscape, striving to illuminate hidden dimensions beyond human observation. This installation harnesses data science methodologies, offering an exploration of the interplay between data representation, artistic expression, and the inherent complex beauty of the ever-changing nature of weather.

The installation weaves together real-time weather data from four selected cities, integrating diverse layers of visuals and sound that dynamically respond to the data parameters. The artwork incorporates temperature, solar radiation, humidity, wind speed, precipitation, and other pertinent factors, manifesting a complex and immersive experience. By employing data visualization techniques and generative algorithms, it transforms abstract data into a visual and aural composition, inviting viewers to engage with the intricate interplay between environmental phenomena, artistic expression, and technological mediation. This amalgamation enriches the discourse on the intersection of data-driven aesthetics and sensory perception.

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