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Data Leak

An interactive data sculpture.

Da Vinci's fused science and art to create works that became part of the story of mankind,  among these various phenomena analyzed and expressed by Leonardo Da Vinci, it is necessary to consider the behavior of the liquids through numerous images contained in the code proving that fluid dynamics work and Leonardo's interest in water is only one aspect of artistic, naturalistic, and engineering-related landscape observation and representation. Through this installation, I would like to showcase these similar theories projected or created on smaller LED screens. Leonardos was way ahead of his time and his interest in engineering and the analog aesthetic inspired the look and feel of the sphere. Why a data sculpture? As he was fascinated by landscapes, and if he would have been present today I would like to think that he would be interested in Datascapes as a narrative of architecture spaces we have nowadays. This installation tries to capture a glimpse from Leonard's vast amount of research and observation.

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